The furthest human made object and its contents

On Sept 5, 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 1 space probe was launched into space to fly by Jupiter, Saturn and Saturn’s moon Titan. It did so successfully and in 2012, it left our solar system and entered interstellar space. It is still sending data and will do until approximately 2025, when it will only be a piece of glorified space junk. Well, not really: For the chance that Voyager might encounter alien life, World-famous cosmologist Carl Sagan was given the task to include a record of our civilization.


A gold plated copper record was produced. It includes 116 images of humans, human behaviors, Earth and the solar system. Furthermore, many different pieces of music ranging from Bach to Chuck Berry to simple nature sounds are also on the record.  There are detailed instructions on how to play the record should any intelligent life form come across it. It might take a while though. The next solar system -where Alien life could possibly exist- is still a journey of 40,000 years.

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