The man who built a road through a mountain

In 1960, Dashrath Manjhi (1934-2007) had a regular life in a small, but remote village in India. One day, his wife injured herself and died because she didn’t get medical attention fast enough, because there was no quick way to the next large village.

Manjhi was devasted and started building a road through a large rock. By himself. At first, people thought he had gone mad, but eventually he gained some recognition. In the next 23 years until 1983,  Manjhi managed to build a 360ft (110m) long road, which was carved into the rock 25ft (7.7m) deep and 30ft (9m) wide. Through this man’s efforts, the original road connection from his village to the other regions was cut down a whopping 24miles (40km) .  After this, Manjhi became a celebrity in India and was honored for his tremendous display of willpower and consistency.

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