The drunk guy who couldn’t be killed

Michael Malloy (1873-1933) was a homeless Irishman who lived in New York City. He was also an alcoholic and therefore a frequent guest in many (at this time illegal) bars all over the city. One of those bars was owned by Tony Marino, who eventually got to know Malloy. Behind Malloys back, Marino and 4 of his friends created an evil plan. They were going to take out an insurance policy and kill Malloy to collect the insurance money.


So in January 1933, they took out insurance policies and soon afterwards Malloy visited Marinos bar. Marino told him that every drink was free, secretly hoping that Malloy would drink himself to death. Malloy always returned.

Marino then stepped his “murder game” up a notch and tried to substitute several things for alcohol. First antifreeze, then turpentine, then horse liniment, then rat poison, then raw oysters with wood alcohol. Yet, Malloy always returned the next day. Marino and his friends then decided to help Malloys demise a bit more by waiting until he was passed out drunk and then carrying out on the street (it was winter) and pour several gallons of water on him. Yet, the next day -you guessed it- Malloy returned to the bar.

The next attempt involved a planned hit and run with a taxi at the speed of roughly 45 miles (72km) per hour. Malloy went to the hospital for a short while but lived. In the end, even the tough-as-nails Malloy was mortal though. Marino and his friends finally killed him with hose connected to a gas jet. They were never able to enjoy the collected¬†insurance money however. The stories of Michael Malloy’s toughness got around town and when his body was exhumed by the police, the 5 friends were eventually put on trial. Four of the 5 were executed and one got away with a long prison sentence.

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