Why World War 2 is still killing people

Officially, the year 1945 marks the end of World War 2 when Germany, Japan and its allies surrendered. Nevertheless, the number of war casualties is still rising. Many bombs from the war are still undetonated and pose a huge risk to people living in Japan and Germany. In 2015, the German city of Koblenz had to evacuate 10,000 people to …

The Hughes H-4 Hercules

During World War II, the American industrialist and aviation entrepreneur Howard Hughes (1905-1976) wanted to help the war effort. Out of this came the Hughes H-4 Hercules, one of the largest planes ever built.

The good Göring

Many people who studied the Second World War are familiar with Hermann Göring (1893-46), the ruthless and narcissistic right hand of Adolf Hitler when the Nazis were in charge of Germany. His younger brother Albert Göring (1895-1966) had none of these traits. Before the Nazis rose to power, he was trying to make a living as a business man and …


In December 1944, World War 2 was tipping in favor of the Allied Forces. During that time, the American general McAuliffe was commanding the 101st Airborne Division.  The Germans were launching one of the last massive counterattacks in the Battle of the Bulge.