Saving Genghis Khan’s Empire

Married to the Mongolian Manduul Khan at the age of 18, Mandukhai was widowed soon after, when her husband was poisoned in 1479. In the midst of the resulting instability, she found one of the great Genghis Khan’s descendants, a young boy who had been hidden away for his own safety.

The 10th Muse

Born in Greece around 615 B.C., Sappho is known as one of the greatest poets of all time.

Empress Theodora

When Justinian I, nephew of the current Byzantine emperor, met Theodora she was an actress, prostitute, wool-spinner, and had just returned from a spiritual experience in the desert. The two were an unlikely match and Justinian had several laws changed to allow their marriage, which occurred in 525.

Sister Queens

A parade honoring the Trung Sisters

Vietnam’s history goes back for several thousand years. For much of this time, Vietnamese women were sometimes in positions of great power and -unlike China or Japan- played a big part in Vietnams history. The most famous example is perhaps the story of the Sister Queens:  Trung Trac and Trung Nhi (ca. 12 D – 43AD) were two sisters who led …