The First Known Author

Enheduanna is considered by historians to be the first author who is known by name. An Akkadian priestess and poet born around 2285 B.C., her hymns and prayers influenced the composition of later Grecian hymns and the psalms of the Hebrew Bible.

The Nun Shogun

Famously known as the “nun” shogun, Hōjō Masako fell in love with Minamoto Yoritomo when he was exiled from the capital by enemies of his family. Masako married the future shogun and then aided in his rise to power.

The Bearded Queen

Born to King Thutmose I and married her half-brother King Thutmose II, Hatshepsut was both a Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt. When her husband died in 1479 B.C., his successor was still an infant.

Adventure is Out There!

A wildly adventurous photographer, Harriet Chalmers Adams travelled the world working for National Geographic. Born in California, Harriet and her father explored the Sierra Nevada on horseback in 1883, when she was only 8 years old.