Why tiny Taiwan claimed huge Mongolia

The Island of Taiwan is officially called the Republic of China. This is not to be confused with the People’s Republic of China, which is usually just called “China”. The reason for this confusing fact is that after World War 2, there was a civil war in which the former Chinese government fled from the now dominant communist regime.

Australia’s military vs. a few birds

In 1932, farmers in Western Australia had a problem. An estimated 20,000 Emus were overrunning their wheat fields. The large flightless birds -often taller than 6ft/1.8meters- were a big nuisance for the farming community and so they asked the military to step in and kill them.

The deadly mooning of Jerusalem

Around 50 AD, many Jewish pilgrims were on their way to Jerusalem for passover celebrations. Since the city was under Rome’s control, soldiers were ordered to control the large crowds entering the city.

The 44 year war between Germany and Andorra

On the French-Spanish border lies Andorra, one of the smallest countries in the World. At 467 km2 / 180.55 sq mi it is not even 3 times bigger than Washington DC with unchanged borders since 1278.