The first submarine attack

The Submarine warfare of the Second World War is very well known.  Countless movies have been depicting it. However, the first successful act of submarine warfare was during the American Civil War, 75 years before the First World War would get started.

Why World War 2 is still killing people

Officially, the year 1945 marks the end of World War 2 when Germany, Japan and its allies surrendered. Nevertheless, the number of war casualties is still rising. Many bombs from the war are still undetonated and pose a huge risk to people living in Japan and Germany. In 2015, the German city of Koblenz had to evacuate 10,000 people to …

When Soviets shot down American planes

During the Korean War (1950-1953) North Korean invaded South Korea, which was immediately helped by the United Nations (predominately US forces). Once the North was then overrun in a large counterattack, they asked other communist regimes for help.

The Tattooed King

When King Harold the Second was killed in the battle of Hastings in 1066, his body was disfigured enough that it was almost unidentifiable. He was finally identified by the tattoo on his chest of his wife and his country: “Edith and England”.