Domesday Books

In 1085, King William I of England was interested to know who owns which land. He ordered a survey of almost the entire country in which this was settled once and for all.

The D-Day Harbours

In 1944, the Allies invaded German occupied France in the Normandy. Once the first troops secured the beach, they installed 2 harbours (Mulberry A and B), made out of 144’000 tons of concrete, 105’000 tons of steel, 85’000 tons of ballast and several miles of floating bridges.

A bridge too far and a soldier too fast

In the World War 2 movie “A Bridge too far” (1977) actor Anthony Hopkins played Lt. Colonel John Frost (1912-1993). The real Frost (pictured above) was present and gave Hopkins advice that he was running too fast battle scenes. Frost commented that he and other officers were actually moving slow to show the Germans -and his own soldiers- that they …