London’s polar bear

The tower of London -which is actually more a castle than just a tower- is one of London’s most famous landmarks. Built in 1078, it would quickly also become a sort of mini-zoo for the Kings.

The most dangerous job of the War

When thinking about World War 2 and dangerous missions, the first thing to come to mind is usually commandos storming beaches or large battles with tanks. Nevertheless, it was actually flying which was the most dangerous.

The origins of the Piggy Bank

The term piggy bank does not come from the pig shaped form of the coin container. Rather, it’s the other way around. Pygg is the name of the clay which was used to make those containers in medieval England and other places. Eventually, the name changed from pygg jar to pig jar and then to piggy bank around the 18th century. …

The Spanish Flu: Twice as deadly as World War 1

In 1918, just when World War 1 was about to end, the World suffered an even bigger tragedy. Compared to the 21 million casualties of the war, the Spanish Flu was much deadlier.