The first mixed martial artist star

In recent years, mixed martial arts have become a very popular sport in the US and all over the World. One man who could be called a true pioneer of the sport is the Englishman James Figg (1695-1734). At 6ft (182cm) and 185lbs (83kgs) he was a tall, lean mean fighting machine. During these times, there were fights with 3 …

Hadrian’s Wall

The Roman Emperor Hadrian (76-138) had a problem. His province Britannica (modern day Britain) was under constant threats from the Northern part. Barbarians would sometimes try to invade the North Roman borders or -if just interested in getting rich- make money with smuggling goods.

Dover Castle’s secret tunnels

Dover Castle is a medieval castle in Southeastern England. The site has been fortified since Roman times, but the most interesting renovation took place during the Napoleonic wars around 1800.

The Helmet from the Dark Ages

In 1939 a burial site was found in the region of Sutton Hoo, England. It was only the beginning of the discovery of several burial sites, one of which was a ship burial most likely from around the 7th century.