The plan to nuke the moon

In the 1950s, rocket technology had advanced enough to attempt the first human-made conquests into space. The “Space Race” between the USA and the Soviet Union was on. At first, the Soviets were ahead.

The human crash test dummy

Lawrence Patrick (1960-2006) was an American biomechanics professor at Wayne State University in Detroit. Between 1960 and 1975, he was working on  “human impact survival research”. Crash test dummies did not exist yet, because science did not know for sure how much damage a human can take. So Patrick decided to carry out dozens of experiments on himself.

The first Newspaper

Before the birth of the newspaper, there have been many more or less successful techniques on distributing news. Starting around 131 BCE, the Romans had acta diurna, which were daily notices carved on stone and metal. It would contain trial outcomes, births, marriages and deaths of prominent Romans.

The Caesar Cipher

Rome’s legendary dictator Julius Caesar (100BC-44BC) had many enemies. To protect himself and his plans, Caesar started using a cipher. By coding each of his personal letters with a simple system: With help of the alphabet, he would write a letter and then shift it 3 times to the right.