Chinloe: The 1500 year old sport with no winner

Now the traditional sport of Myanmar, Chinlone, meaning “rounded basket”, is a sport that has no winner. Teams take turns keeping a woven, wicker ball from touching the ground using their feet and legs.

The Mighty Shun Fujimoto

Shun Fujimoto (b.1950) competed for the Japanese gymnastics team in the 1976 Summer Olympics. The Japanese team had been dominating the sport for years. However, the Soviets were ahead when Shun’s routine started.

Pelé, Kissinger and Soccer

In the 1974, the Brazilian soccer player Pelé (b.1940) was the most famous athlete in the World.  In the US during these years, no one cared much for soccer. The New York Cosmos, a member of the North American Soccer League, wanted to sign the Brazilian superstar to make soccer popular in the United States. They put a $4.7 million deal on …