The Artistic Properties of Cauliflower

In one of the stranger episodes of art history, in 1955 surrealist artist Salvador Dali filled a Rolls Royce with 500 kilograms of cauliflower and proceeded to drive from his home country of Spain to Paris, France.

Spanish wine vs. English sailors

In 1625, the English commander Sir Edward Cecil (1572-1638) had set up a fleet of around 115 ships and over 15,000 seamen. The goal was the wealthy Spanish city of Cadiz. Once arriving at the bay of Cadiz, Cecil decided to attack Fort Puntel, which was supposedly protecting Cadiz.

The 44 year war between Germany and Andorra

On the French-Spanish border lies Andorra, one of the smallest countries in the World. At 467 km2 / 180.55 sq mi it is not even 3 times bigger than Washington DC with unchanged borders since 1278.

The Spanish Flu: Twice as deadly as World War 1

In 1918, just when World War 1 was about to end, the World suffered an even bigger tragedy. Compared to the 21 million casualties of the war, the Spanish Flu was much deadlier.