When the Dutch ate their prime minister

To understand the events that led ordinary Dutch citizens to partake in cannibalism, it is important to understand that it was during a period of unrest in not only the Netherlands, but also much of Europe. Both England and the Netherlands were making the gradual shift from monarchies to a more democratic means of selecting rulers.

Rabbit Attack

Napoleon Bonaparte is famous for his great victories on the battlefield. Napoleon is not well known for his retreat in the face of a thousand furry rabbits.

From Ukrainian Slave to Royalty

No one knows her real name, yet she came to have a profound influence on the Ottoman Empire. Known as Haseki Hurrem Sultan (Sultan’s Chief Consort) or Roxolena (a reference to her heritage), she was captured in the 1500’s in a raid and was eventually chosen for the Sultan’s harem where she quickly became his favorite, causing jealousy among the …

The Tattooed King

When King Harold the Second was killed in the battle of Hastings in 1066, his body was disfigured enough that it was almost unidentifiable. He was finally identified by the tattoo on his chest of his wife and his country: “Edith and England”.