The Cameleopard

When Julius Caesar returned to Rome from a campaign in 48 B.C. through Asia Minor and Egypt, he was followed by a menagerie of strange and wonderful creatures.

Erased from History: From Romans to Soviets

In Roman times, a punishment worse than execution was that of being forgotten. A disgraced individual would be stricken from the records and any coins or pottery with their depiction would be destroyed.

Pigs in Battle

Just as there have been war horses and war elephants, it is believed that pigs were used briefly on the battlefield, although in a far less awe-inspiring manner. Around 275 BC the Romans used squealing pigs to repel the war elephants of the enemy.

Cincinnatus: Reluctant dictator and honorable statesman

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (519–430 BC) was a Roman aristocrat and extremely able leader who lost almost all of his possessions due to his son’s serious crimes. He became a poor peasant farmer.