The sex-crazed Pope

Pope John XII (c.930-964) became pope in 955 through the help of his father, Alberic II of Spoleto. At a very young age, John XII was not exactly up to par with his holy job. His worldly desires got the better of him.

Julius Caesar gets kidnapped

When Julius Caesar (100BC-44BC) was a young man, he once sailed across the Aegean Sea. During this trip, he was captured by pirates, who immediately thought about asking for a ransom of 20 talents of silver (approximately $600’000 today).

The epic Battle of Cape Ecnomus

A contender for the largest naval battle of all time took place off the coast of Sicily, Italy in 256bc. Carthage was one of Rome’s toughest adversaries in regards to control of the Mediterreanean sea.

The highest paid athlete of all time

Gaius Appuleius Diocles was a second Century chariot racer in ancient Rome. He won over 1400 horse races and made around 35 863 120 sesterces.