The Unbreakable Galle Fort

The beautiful city of Galle in Sri Lanka has a rich history of trade and foreign occupation. Before 1400, it was a popular harbor for Persians, Chinese, Malays, Arabs, Greeks, Indians and other powerful nations.

Horatio Nelson’s Brandy:

British Admiral Horatio Nelson defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. However, Nelson died during battle.

Friendly fire! HMS Superb confuses the Spaniards

During July 1801, the British and Portuguese navy fought the Spanish and French navy. At night, In an almost comical incident the HMS Superb, a fast British ship, cut between the Real Carlos and San Hermenegildo and fired at both ships.

Vasa: Long before the Titanic

In 1625, King Gustav II Adolph of Sweden ordered his people to build the greatest warship ever. Three years later, the  set sail.