The worst warship ever built?

Legend has it that there was a warship with a circular hull built by incompetent engineers. When its cannons fired, it would start to turn around itself uncontrollably and the crew would get dizzy in seconds.  So is this really true?

The forgotten founder of the British Empire

Robert Blake (1598-1657) was a British military commander and statesman. A somewhat late bloomer, his career as a military man only began in 1642 at age 44. He rose through the ranks extremely quickly.

Spanish wine vs. English sailors

In 1625, the English commander Sir Edward Cecil (1572-1638) had set up a fleet of around 115 ships and over 15,000 seamen. The goal was the wealthy Spanish city of Cadiz. Once arriving at the bay of Cadiz, Cecil decided to attack Fort Puntel, which was supposedly protecting Cadiz.

The Strait of Anián

Bering Strait

In the 16th Century, many regions of the World were not yet fully explored. For instance, it was still unknown whether there is some type of land connection between America and Asia.