Jane Digby: Lover of Kings, Sheiks and Generals

Jane Digby (1807– 1881) was an English lady who lived a life straight out of a romantic novel. In her day, she was famous for being the wife and mistress of some of the most influential men of her time.

Napoleon’s brother in New Jersey

Napoleon’s older brother Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844) spent a good amount of his life in the United States. Through the influence of his brother he became King of Naples and then King of Spain.

Singapore rises

When Lee Kuan Yew’s (1923-2015) People’s Action Party came to power in 1959, the outlook was grim. Singapore was a poor nation with virtually no natural resources, high unemployment rate and rampant corruption. Furthermore it was only a citystate and had no more than a few million inhabitants.

Bad idea: Napoleon invades Russia

In 1812, the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was informed that the Russians might plan an attack. He then mobilized more than 450,000 men for his “Grande Armée” and marched towards Russia.