A Turkey by Any Other Name

In the 15th and 16th centuries, as trade exploded around the globe, one poor bird had an identity crisis. Brought to England by the Turks, the bird became known as the “turkey” in English, as well as a similar derivation in Hindi.

The Sitovo Inscription

Discovered in 1928 in a Bulgarian cave, the Sitovo inscription has yet to be translated. In his attempt to decode the mysterious language, archaeologist Alexander Peev sent the inscription to academic friends and coworkers for input, an action that led to his execution by Soviet spies as they suspected him of sending secret messages.

In the Name of Spain

Spain has gone through several interesting name changes in its long history. When the area was first settled by immigrants from the desert around 3000 B.C., they were impressed by the vast amount of flowing water they found and named it “Iberia”, from “iber”, their word for river.

The Ampersand

The ampersand symbol (“&”) is a longtime favorite of designers and typographers. The odd, curvy symbol actually dates back to the first century.