The First Seismographer

The first known seismographer was developed in China in 132 A.D. The beautiful and ornate design carved by the famed Chinese inventor, poet, and astronomer Zhang Heng, was able to detect earthquakes over 500 km away.

The Flying Monk

Long before Leonardo da Vinci was illustrating his innovative flying machines, a British monk born in the 10th century designed, built, and tested an early machine that most closely resembled a hang glider.

Heron of Alexandria

Heron of Alexandria was a Greek mathematician, engineer, scientist, and inventor born in 20 A.D. Among his inventions was the first steam engine, the vending machine, a water organ, theatrical sound effects, and the odometer. He also designed mechanical toys and wrote books on subjects ranging from geometry to mechanics. Known for his work in geometry, he even has a …

Strings and Things

Not much is known about the Inca record-keeping system called the quipu or khipu. Consisting of knotted strings of varying colors, the quipu were used as calendars, records of provisions, and even story-telling devices. Archaeologists have been able to decipher some of the numerical values and mathematical equations, but any other words and meanings remain a mystery. We are not …