The soldier who defeated 72 men

Australian-born Dominic McCarthy (1892-1975) almost did not become a soldier. He had lost 3 fingers on his hand and was thought to be unfit for combat. Nevertheless, when the First World War started, he showed the Australian Imperial Force that he had won several shooting competitions. So in 1914, the soon-to-be-legendary McCarthy joined the Australian Army.

The female Paul Revere

Lost to the annals of time, not many have heard of the 40-mile ride of a young girl named Sybil Ludington.

The good Göring

Many people who studied the Second World War are familiar with Hermann Göring (1893-46), the ruthless and narcissistic right hand of Adolf Hitler when the Nazis were in charge of Germany. His younger brother Albert Göring (1895-1966) had none of these traits. Before the Nazis rose to power, he was trying to make a living as a business man and …

The forgotten founder of the British Empire

Robert Blake (1598-1657) was a British military commander and statesman. A somewhat late bloomer, his career as a military man only began in 1642 at age 44. He rose through the ranks extremely quickly.