The Propaganda Miner

In the 1930s, some communist officials in the Soviet Union decided they needed heroes for their propaganda. Heroes that would show their people the value of hard work. Alexey Stakhanov (1906-1977) was the perfect man for the job.

Filipović: The manliest of deaths

In 1941, when World War 2 reached the Balkan’s the Yugoslavs were fighting fiercely against the Axis powers. Stevan Filipović was 26 years old, when he commanded a Partisans’ Tamnavsko-Kolubarski unit. He was captured and would be remembered until today for what happened next.

The man who built a road through a mountain

In 1960, Dashrath Manjhi (1934-2007) had a regular life in a small, but remote village in India. One day, his wife injured herself and died because she didn’t get medical attention fast enough, because there was no quick way to the next large village.

The Candy Bomber

In 1945 after Germany had lost World War 2, East Germany was being controlled by the Soviet Union. Well, not ALL of East Germany. There was still Berlin, which partially was controlled by the West (US, Great Britain and France). The Soviets didn’t like this one bit and tried to blockade West Berlin in 1948. From then on, it was …