Spanish wine vs. English sailors

In 1625, the English commander Sir Edward Cecil (1572-1638) had set up a fleet of around 115 ships and over 15,000 seamen. The goal was the wealthy Spanish city of Cadiz. Once arriving at the bay of Cadiz, Cecil decided to attack Fort Puntel, which was supposedly protecting Cadiz.

Unhappy? Sell your husband or wife

Wife-selling and husband-selling were English customs which started around the end of the 17th century. When a man was unhappy with his wife, it was often only possible for the mega-rich to get a divorce.

The first mixed martial artist star

In recent years, mixed martial arts have become a very popular sport in the US and all over the World. One man who could be called a true pioneer of the sport is the Englishman James Figg (1695-1734). At 6ft (182cm) and 185lbs (83kgs) he was a tall, lean mean fighting machine. During these times, there were fights with 3 …

Hadrian’s Wall

The Roman Emperor Hadrian (76-138) had a problem. His province Britannica (modern day Britain) was under constant threats from the Northern part. Barbarians would sometimes try to invade the North Roman borders or -if just interested in getting rich- make money with smuggling goods.