Ancient die-hard vegetarian: Pythagoras

Pythagoras (c 570 – 495 bc) was one of the most important mathematicians in Ancient Greece. Because most information about him was written down centuries after he died, it is unknown what is actual fact and what isn’t.

Prototype genius

The Hungarian-American John von Neumann (1903-1957) was an extremely brilliant polymath who excelled in mathematics, physics and other sciences. He was so smart that other mathematical geniuses would frequently be awestruck by his quick mind and his ability to calculate complicated operations in his head.

The philosopher who beat the lottery

Voltaire, a famous philosopher and writer of the 18th century, was massively wealthy. He gained his wealth through some not-technically-illegal shenanigans with the early French lottery system.

The Unimportance of the Letter “E”

Written in 1939 by Ernest Vincent Wright, “Gadsby” (not to be confused with The Great Gatsby) is a rather boring novel about a man organizing a group of young people to save his dying town. Despite the novel’s dull content, a first edition is now worth over $4,000. Its value stems from the fact that out of the over 50,000 …