The French Royal Birth Show

In France when the monarchy was still well established, it was tradition to let many spectators watch the queens give birth to their children.

Exile Napoleon Style

Napoleon (1769–1821) was one of the greatest military commanders and world leaders of all time. He had a very bitter end, though. After the English defeated the French, they exiled him to the tiny island of St. Helena, one of the most remote islands of the world. Napoleon had many servants and some friends there, but still died a broken …

The D-Day Harbours

In 1944, the Allies invaded German occupied France in the Normandy. Once the first troops secured the beach, they installed 2 harbours (Mulberry A and B), made out of 144’000 tons of concrete, 105’000 tons of steel, 85’000 tons of ballast and several miles of floating bridges.