The myth of Napoleon’s height

In literature and movies, Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) is often portrayed as a man of short stature. The term “Napoleon complex” refers to short man with a big ego. Nevertheless, it is now widely accepted that the famous leader was actually a bit above average height for his day and age. Reportedly, he stood around 5ft 7 in (around 170cm). But where did …

Why French wine is mostly American

In the 1860s through the 1870s, the French wine industry was in deep trouble. Somehow American plant lice had been transported to Europe and would eventually destroy around 40% of all French vineyards.

Napoleon’s brother in New Jersey

Napoleon’s older brother Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844) spent a good amount of his life in the United States. Through the influence of his brother he became King of Naples and then King of Spain.

Rabbit Attack

Napoleon Bonaparte is famous for his great victories on the battlefield. Napoleon is not well known for his retreat in the face of a thousand furry rabbits.