The Sketchbook from the 13th Century

Villard de Honnecourt was a French man, who had a passion for drawing. He is still known to the World because his sketchbook survived. It includes around 250 drawings of many different subject matters. Many sketches show buildings, such as the Laon Cathedral in Paris. While past researchers concluded he was an architect, but more recent opinion is that he had …

Robbing the wrong restaurant

France, 2016: Two young robbers thought it was a good idea to rob a McDonalds. They entered the fast food restaurant, threatened the cashier and promptly got their money. However, when they tried to leave the store they were quickly apprehended by more than a dozen of French commandos. As bad luck would have it for the robbers, a squad …

The One-Cent Magenta

Meet the world’s rarest stamp: the One-Cent Magenta was created in 1856 when instead of the 50,000 stamps set to arrive in British Guiana from Great Britain, only 5,000 arrived. The local postmaster took matters into his own hands and had some one-cent stamps and four-cent stamps printed.

The 6 million skeletons underneath Paris

Catacombs of Paris

Paris, France is one of the most visited cities in the World and rightfully so. The beautiful architecture, stunning monuments and countless cultural treasures are second to none. However, a dark, yet very interesting fact of the past are the millions of human skeletons which lay below the city.