The Anchoress

An unusual type of hermit existed in Medieval Europe. Called an anchorite, or anchoress as a large percentage of these individuals were women, they were sealed into small rooms in the walls of a church or abbey.

Liechtenstein’s army grows

Liechtenstein is a tiny country in the middle of Europe, between Austria and Switzerland with a size of roughly 160 square kilometres (62 square miles). In 1866, it’s 80 men strong army wanted to join Austria to fight the Prussians.

Rats in Court

It was common practice in Europe from around the 14th to the 18th century to accuse, try, and execute animals for breaking the rules of human society. Animals accused were even provided defense lawyers to defend their actions.

The King Who Couldn’t Be Poisoned

Allegedly, due to the assassination of his father by poisoning, King Mithridates (135–63 BC) of Pontus -an ancient Kingdom around the Black Sea- frequently ingested small quantities of a particular poison antidote to obtain immunity.