In the Name of Spain

Spain has gone through several interesting name changes in its long history. When the area was first settled by immigrants from the desert around 3000 B.C., they were impressed by the vast amount of flowing water they found and named it “Iberia”, from “iber”, their word for river.

The Snake Goddess

Nala Damajanti was a circus artist so iconic that she became a goddess. Clearly not from her claimed native land of India, some sources suggest she may have been a woman from France named Émilie Poupon.

The Famous Clara

Born in 1738, Clara was destined for success. Before her death at the age of 20 she would tour Europe and be featured in paintings and on posters and medallions.

Winning the Baby Lottery

In 1911 an orphanage in Paris hosted a raffle to raise money for various charitable organizations. After getting the okay from authorities, they announced the prizes: live babies.