The first assassination via firearm

James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray (1531– 1570) was regent of Scotland. In 1570 he was in the Scottish city of Linlithgow, when a man -who hated Stewart with passion, decided to make use of brand new technology: the firearm.

Jane Digby: Lover of Kings, Sheiks and Generals

Jane Digby (1807– 1881) was an English lady who lived a life straight out of a romantic novel. In her day, she was famous for being the wife and mistress of some of the most influential men of her time.

The forgotten founder of the British Empire

Robert Blake (1598-1657) was a British military commander and statesman. A somewhat late bloomer, his career as a military man only began in 1642 at age 44. He rose through the ranks extremely quickly.