The First Dunce

John Duns Scotus (c. 1266-1308) was a Scottish philosopher and theologian who left behind a large body of work on a myriad of philosophical and religious topics when he died in 1308. As a theologian, he was one of the most important of his era. However, perhaps his most lasting legacy comes simply from his name.

The Life of Fools

Called a jester, folly, fool, or wit; court entertainers have existed throughout history and throughout the world. The fools of medieval and renaissance England were musicians, story-tellers, comedians, jugglers, and acrobats.

A Man Named Sandwich

The humble sandwich gets its name from the English 4th Earl of Sandwich, a man known for his obsessive gambling.

A Different Type of Homesick

As a child, Isabella Bird (1831-1904) was known for her sickly temperament and poor health. Eventually, a doctor suggested to her father that she would benefit from a long sea voyage.