Aladdin and the Kamasutra

To say that British adventurer Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) has seen the World would be an understatement. His journeys took him all across the globe from Africa, Asia to the Americas when much of it was still unexplored.

Columbus plays God and saves his crew

In 1503, Christopher Columbus (ca. 1451-1506) and his crew had to abandon ship in North Jamaica and were stuck there for a year. The natives quickly started to dislike the foreigners, most likely due to their terrible behavior (stealing supplies, raping and even killing natives).

The smallest island shared by 2 countries

In 1493, Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin. He never set foot on it, but claimed it for Spain.

When the Germans went to South America

In the early 1500s, the Spanish king Charles I of Spain owed a powerful German banking family money. To pay off his debt, he gave them a small territory in modern day Venezuela.