Temple of Bacchus

The town of Baalbek, Lebanon is home to one of the best preserved Roman temples. The Temple of Bacchus -a wine god- was build around 150AD and has a size of 66 by 35 m (217 by 115 ft), while being 31m (102ft) high. The 42 large columns are mostly intact, while the roof and much of the interior has suffered over the …

How the World’s largest Buddhist temple was forgotten for 400 years

Borobudur in Central Java, Indonesia is the largest Buddhist temple known. It features over 2,600 relief panels, 72 perforated stupas and over 500 Buddha statues over an area of 2,520 m2. Built in the 9th Century by the Shailendra dynasty and was abandoned in the 14th Century for unknown reasons. In 1814, the British were in control of Central Java and followed up …


The 4 Kilometer Tower

By Newsburst (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

The X-Seed 4000 is a proposed structure which would be as high as a mountain (4km/2.5mi) and would be able to accommodate up to 1 million inhabitants. It was created by architect Peter Neville in 1995 in a bizarre, but effective publicity stunt for an architecture firm. The plans for this astounding building were actually completed.  It would need at least 3 million tons …

The Gelati Monastery

The Gelati Monastery near Kutaisi, Georgia was founded in 1106 by King David IV of Georgia. It is one of the most important sites of Georgian history and was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.