Chinloe: The 1500 year old sport with no winner

Now the traditional sport of Myanmar, Chinlone, meaning “rounded basket”, is a sport that has no winner. Teams take turns keeping a woven, wicker ball from touching the ground using their feet and legs.

The Unbreakable Galle Fort

The beautiful city of Galle in Sri Lanka has a rich history of trade and foreign occupation. Before 1400, it was a popular harbor for Persians, Chinese, Malays, Arabs, Greeks, Indians and other powerful nations.

Japanese Emperors: 2675 years and counting

The imperial house of Japan is the longest hereditary monarchy in the World with traditionally 125 monarchs in succession and counting since Emperor Jimmu in 711 BC. According to legend, Jimmu directly descended from the sun goddess Amaterasu and founded Japan.

The Mighty Shun Fujimoto

Shun Fujimoto (b.1950) competed for the Japanese gymnastics team in the 1976 Summer Olympics. The Japanese team had been dominating the sport for years. However, the Soviets were ahead when Shun’s routine started.