The Artistic Properties of Cauliflower

In one of the stranger episodes of art history, in 1955 surrealist artist Salvador Dali filled a Rolls Royce with 500 kilograms of cauliflower and proceeded to drive from his home country of Spain to Paris, France.

The Art of Soup

When Andy Warhol created his iconic Campbell’s Soup series of paintings, he didn’t provide instructions for presentation. During the first exhibition, the 32 paintings hung from the wall, also resting on a long shelf.

The African kid in Nazi Germany

Hans Massaquoi (1926-2013) was the son of a Liberian diplomat and a German nurse. He grew up with his German mother and in 1933, when Hans was 7, the extremely racist Nazi party assumed power.

What unites the Beatles, Elvis, Clapton and Hendrix?

The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis and Eric Clapton are some of the most iconic musicians of the 20th century. Besides being extremely talented, they also had another thing in common. None of them could/can read and formally write sheet music. We are not responsible for the contents of external links. Full disclaimer can be found here. Information sources: Photo …