Chinloe: The 1500 year old sport with no winner

Now the traditional sport of Myanmar, Chinlone, meaning “rounded basket”, is a sport that has no winner. Teams take turns keeping a woven, wicker ball from touching the ground using their feet and legs.

Where tattoos come from

French Polynesia has a long history of tattooing. Tahitians trace the art of tattooing all the way back to Tohu, the god who designed and colored the fishes of the sea. The art of tattooing was brought to Europe by explorers in the mid 1700’s. From there it began its quick ascent into popularity and taboo. We are not responsible …

Olympic Painting

In a little known part of Olympic history, the Arts were included in the first 4 decades of the Olympic games between 1912 and 1952. Contestants entered pieces under the categories of architecture, music, painting, sculpture, and literature and won medals accordingly.

Benin Bronzes

The Benin Kingdom in modern day Nigeria was founded in 1180 and continued to exist until 1897. During the 1500s and 1700s, Benin produced  its greatest artwork such as the best Benin Bronzes, which are sculptures made of different materials (not only bronze).