The Boston Molasses Flood

In 1919, Boston suffered a bizarre catastrophe. The hastily constructed vat of molasses broke, dumping 2.3 million gallons of molasses onto the city. That’s roughly 3.5 olympic sized swimming pools, each 50 meters (164ft) long and 25 meters (82ft) wide.

For monks without vertigo

The Holy Trinity Monastery in Kalabaka, Greece is an Eastern Orthodox monastery, built in the 1400s as part of some 24 other monasteries. It is built on top of a rocky precipice, which is around 400 meters (1200ft) high.

Marib, the Kingdom of Saba and the Worlds oldest dam

At one point in time, Marib (in present day Yemen) was the capital of the Kingdom of Saba, which is mentioned in Christian, Jewish and Islamic texts. This city is also the site of the Marib Dam which blocked the Wadi Adhanah river and is the oldest known dam in the World.

Derinkuyu: Ancient Underground City

In 1969, a large underground city was rediscovered in Derinkuyu, Turkey.  It was built in approximately 800 – 700 BC and contains an intricate system of tunnels and several dozens of rooms up to 60 meters (196 ft) deep.