Built by slave-labor: St. Petersburg

Peter the Great (1672-1725) wanted to build a city that he could make the capital of the Russian Empire. In 1703, he captured the Swedish fortress Nyenskans, which he rebuilt into St. Petersburg.

The Unbreakable Galle Fort

The beautiful city of Galle in Sri Lanka has a rich history of trade and foreign occupation. Before 1400, it was a popular harbor for Persians, Chinese, Malays, Arabs, Greeks, Indians and other powerful nations.

Olympic Painting

In a little known part of Olympic history, the Arts were included in the first 4 decades of the Olympic games between 1912 and 1952. Contestants entered pieces under the categories of architecture, music, painting, sculpture, and literature and won medals accordingly.

Holy waterholes

Cenotes are natural pits, wells or sinkholes. In South America, cenotes have a history of being used as places of worship, due to the belief of the Ancient Mayas that the rain god Chaak resides within them. To this day some Maya farmers appeal to Chaak for rain. Sometimes, cenotes were being used for more worldly purposes though. In the …