The White City

The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, also called The White City because each building was painted white, showcased many new and exciting inventions. Towering over the fair was one of these inventions: The Ferris Wheel.

The Mounds of Kincaid

North America has had a rich history long before any Europeans “discovered” it. One of the many interesting civilizations is the Mississippian culture, which is known for their mound architecture as exemplified by the Kincaid Mounds State Historic Site. It is located in southern Illinois across the Ohio River from Paducah, Kentucky.

The Mehrangarh Fort

The Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur, India is one of the biggest still standing castles worldwide. It’s foundation was laid in 1459 by a man named Rao Jodha. Other rulers kept improving and enlarge the castle for hundreds of years.

Hadrian’s Wall

The Roman Emperor Hadrian (76-138) had a problem. His province Britannica (modern day Britain) was under constant threats from the Northern part. Barbarians would sometimes try to invade the North Roman borders or -if just interested in getting rich- make money with smuggling goods.