The pyramid in Illinois

Close to Collinsville, Illinois, USA stands one of the most fascinating pre-columbian earthworks. The so-called Monks Mound is the largest pyramid north of Mesoamerica. Although much of it is overgrown now and nature also took its toll, it is still not hard to guess that this structure was man-made.

The Hollyweed sign

In 1976, the famous Hollywood sign in California, US was altered by college student Danny Finewood and his friends to read Hollyweed. The reason for this that Californian law just softened the laws on the use of marihuana and -of course- just because they could.

Leshan Giant Buddha

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a 71-meter (233 ft) tall stone statue, built between 713 and 803. It was the dream project of Haitong, a Chinese monk, who believed a Buddha would calm the waterways below.

The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal of China is the World’s longest canal or artifical river with a length of 1,776 km (1,104 mi). Its history goes back as far as 500BC, when a Chinese ruler decided to start building canals to connect natural waterways.