Many historians believe that it was partially an influx of rats that led to the deforestation of Rapa Nui, the island often known as Easter Island. Transported by early Polynesian voyagers, the rats quickly multiplied on the small island.

Australia’s military vs. a few birds

In 1932, farmers in Western Australia had a problem. An estimated 20,000 Emus were overrunning their wheat fields. The large flightless birds -often taller than 6ft/1.8meters- were a big nuisance for the farming community and so they asked the military to step in and kill them.

London’s polar bear

The tower of London -which is actually more a castle than just a tower- is one of London’s most famous landmarks. Built in 1078, it would quickly also become a sort of mini-zoo for the Kings.

The Cameleopard

When Julius Caesar returned to Rome from a campaign in 48 B.C. through Asia Minor and Egypt, he was followed by a menagerie of strange and wonderful creatures.