The Kingdom of Kongo and Portugal

The Kingdom of Kongo was a powerful state in West Africa, covering parts of todays Angola and Democratic Republic of Kongo. It existed from c. 1390 to 1891.

Aladdin and the Kamasutra

To say that British adventurer Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890) has seen the World would be an understatement. His journeys took him all across the globe from Africa, Asia to the Americas when much of it was still unexplored.

The shortest war in history

On August 25, 1896, the United Kingdom and the Zanzibar Sultanate got in a fight over who should be the next sultan. The fight ended up becoming a war – which lasted around 38 minutes.

Radama: The man who united Madagascar

Radama I (1793–1828) was the king of Madagascar, who united much of the island into a a single state. Coming to power at age 17, his military and diplomatic skills enabled him to change Madagascar in many ways.