The Snake Goddess

Nala Damajanti was a circus artist so iconic that she became a goddess. Clearly not from her claimed native land of India, some sources suggest she may have been a woman from France named Émilie Poupon.

Nigeria’s Nok Culture

The Nok culture was a civilization in Northern Nigeria which existed sometime between 1000 BCE and 300 CE. Only rediscovered in the 1920s during mining, it has been forgotten for almost 2000 years.

When Ghana was the hope of Africa

In the 1950s, many regions in Africa were starting to think about independence from their colonialist masters. The Gold Coast was a British colony, which was led into independence by Kwame Nkrumah (1909-1972) in 1957. From then on, it was known as Ghana.

A hero in the Rwandan Genocide

Mbaye Diagne (1958 – 1994) was a military officer from Senegal. During the 1994 Rwandan genocide around 500,000 people were slaughtered in just 3 months.