The mystery of the Mary Celeste

Found adrift off the coast of Portugal in 1872, the Mary Celeste contained all her cargo and supplies, but no crew.

The smallest island shared by 2 countries

In 1493, Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Martin. He never set foot on it, but claimed it for Spain.

Karl von Drais and the first bicycle

Karl von Drais (1785-1851) was a German inventor and aristocrat. He invented the first typewriter with a keyboard, a meat grinder and a predecessor to modern bicycles called Laufmaschine (Running Machine) or Draisine.

Jingle Bells used to be a Thanksgiving song

Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells, the iconic Christmas carol, was originally written to be a Thanksgiving song. James Pierpont (1822-1893), a music director at a church in Massachusetts, wrote the song to play at his Sunday school for Thanksgiving in 1857. Piermont was at a tavern when he was inspired by the sleigh races in the street outside. The song quickly caught on, …