The Strait of Anián

Bering Strait

In the 16th Century, many regions of the World were not yet fully explored. For instance, it was still unknown whether there is some type of land connection between America and Asia.

The first Newspaper

Before the birth of the newspaper, there have been many more or less successful techniques on distributing news. Starting around 131 BCE, the Romans had acta diurna, which were daily notices carved on stone and metal. It would contain trial outcomes, births, marriages and deaths of prominent Romans.

Birth of the Swiss Watch

Sometime in the late 1670s, a Swiss man by the name of Daniel Jeanrichard (1665-1741) got hold of a broken English watch. Interested in everything mechanical, he took it apart to see how it worked.

The aerial tram of Gdańsk

In the early 1640s, Dutch engineer Adam Wybe (1584-1683) was given the task of building a new fortification on a hill in Gdańsk. In order to accomplish this, many tons of heavy material had to be transported from another hilltop, across a river and up the other hill.