The Nun Shogun

Famously known as the “nun” shogun, Hōjō Masako fell in love with Minamoto Yoritomo when he was exiled from the capital by enemies of his family. Masako married the future shogun and then aided in his rise to power.

An Unasked-For Tale

Towazugatari, or “The Unasked-For Tale” is commonly translated from Japanese as “The Confessions of Lady Nijō.” This autobiographical work, written by a concubine of the Japanese Emperor Go-Fukakusa, has great historical significance as it offers a unique peek into the Japanese imperial court.

Saving Genghis Khan’s Empire

Married to the Mongolian Manduul Khan at the age of 18, Mandukhai was widowed soon after, when her husband was poisoned in 1479. In the midst of the resulting instability, she found one of the great Genghis Khan’s descendants, a young boy who had been hidden away for his own safety.

The pyramid in Illinois

Close to Collinsville, Illinois, USA stands one of the most fascinating pre-columbian earthworks. The so-called Monks Mound is the largest pyramid north of Mesoamerica. Although much of it is overgrown now and nature also took its toll, it is still not hard to guess that this structure was man-made.