Poetry Gambling

In 17th century Japan, citizens began betting on games of poetry. The precursor to the development of the art form of haiku, haikai was a parlor game that spread from the scholars and aristocrats to the common people.

The Age of Pirates

A force to be reckoned with and an enduring symbol of adventure and freedom, Blackbeard only sailed the seas from 1713-1718. He began his most productive years after capturing a French slaver and renaming her Queen Anne’s Revenge.

The Sophistication of Cannibalism

While Europeans were condemning the “barbarians” in the New World of atrocious acts of cannibalism, they themselves were ingesting human flesh, organs, and bodily fluids in the name of medicine.

I Swear by my Knee

First coming into use in the 1590s, the word “genuine” means authentic or sincere. Some etymologists hypothesize the word comes from the Latin “genu,” meaning knee.