Mardi Gras’ Colorful History

A complex holiday celebrated all around the world, Mardi Gras has roots in early pagan festivals of springtime. When Christianity appeared in Rome, the festival was incorporated as a pre-Lent indulgence.

The First Seismographer

The first known seismographer was developed in China in 132 A.D. The beautiful and ornate design carved by the famed Chinese inventor, poet, and astronomer Zhang Heng, was able to detect earthquakes over 500 km away.

Heron of Alexandria

Heron of Alexandria was a Greek mathematician, engineer, scientist, and inventor born in 20 A.D. Among his inventions was the first steam engine, the vending machine, a water organ, theatrical sound effects, and the odometer. He also designed mechanical toys and wrote books on subjects ranging from geometry to mechanics. Known for his work in geometry, he even has a …

Precalculus in Ancient Babylon

Ancient Babylonians are known by historians for being brilliant astronomers and mathematicians. So archaeologists were not surprised when a recent discovery revealed that the Babylonians were using advanced mathematical techniques to predict the movements of Jupiter. The geometry based calculations were a precursor to calculus and were not thought to have been used until 14th century Europe. We are not responsible …